Open Library Stack

Innovative understands that libraries exist in a complex ecosystem and the Library Services Platform must communicate with external systems - from vendors to accounting software to PC reservation systems - without staff intervention.

Our Open Library Stack works for libraries of all sizes because we recognize the power of open system architecture with APIs and cloud optimization to ensure our system is open, scalable, and extensible for the future. LEARN MORE

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APIs & Tools

  • Sierra API - Modern, lightweight, and RESTful APIs that enable you to harvest and update records in Sierra. GET STARTED
  • Legacy APIs - Web Services APIs using SOAP/XML and (s)FTP. TECHDOCS VENDORDOCS
  • Sierra DNA - Build SQL queries to extend Sierra. CHECK OUT THE FORUMS

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New in Sierra API 3.1

  • Keyword Search API - Perform keyword searches using Innovative's "RightResult" relevance ranking algorithm.
  • Enhanced Patron API
    • Reading History - Access patron reading history if patron has opted in.
    • PIN Validation – Verify a patron’s barcode and PIN. Replaces legacy Patron API (URL) PIN test.
  • Enhanced Acquisitions API - Converts dates and orders placed in a foreign currency to the library’s native date and currency formats.